Are you the organisation that is willing to soar to newer heights of success? Or are you the organisation that is ambitious to increase the productivity of the existing resources? If you are one of these organisation types, this blog will give you a good insight into why you need a business transformation. At Skynotch Group we are looking to develop the processes of the organisation leading to more effective management.

We have catered to a range of organisations from 0-10 employees to 500+ employees. In this journey of ours, we have realised and learned how the organisation struggle or strive to achieve what they desire. In few instances, we came across managements that knew what are the gaps but they were not able to fill them due to a lack of clarity of how to address the problems. There were organisations that were legacy ones too who are in business for more than 70 years but still struggling to settle effective processes.

Why is this the case? The answer lies in the way the organisation is operated; its policies, processes, people & procedures. The 4 Ps impact on the 5th P, that is Profit / Productivity. Hence, if you want to increase your profit or productivity you need to work on the other 4 Ps.

The year 2020 has propelled the revolution of enhancing productivity with efficient ways of working. It has made education boundary-less and infrastructure-less with the help of digitisation. It propelled the real-time transactions to increase by 41% compared to previous years. A more transparent system of financial transactions, compliance, banking etc.

With the transparency & ease of business, how well equipped are you as an organisation to manage the compliance, yet focus on productivity. Are your processes, systems; in auto mode, or you are still struggling to make people accountable or process productivity-driven. Are you every day putting more than 30% of your daily time into managing business operations? How much time are you giving towards the development of your business or for new opportunities?

If you are busy in day to day operations, managing people and addressing concerns or issues instead of focusing on developing a business then you are not justifying your own productivity as management or representative of management. It is time for you to move from the firefighter role to the creator role.

I am sure by now you are aware of why business transformation is the key to business success and the need of the hour. Reach us to know how well your organisation is coping up and set the roadmap to help your organisation soar towards higher planes.

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