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Why Business Process Transformation is the need of the Hour

Are you the organisation that is willing to soar to newer heights of success? Or are you the organisation that is ambitious to increase the productivity of the existing resources? If you are one of these organisation types, this blog will give you a good insight into why you need a business

Why Business Process Transformation is the need of the Hour2021-10-03T05:30:48+00:00

Why Manage Imagination & Memory

We often feel that we are one of the most suffering people on this planet. And constantly try to fix our problems to the best solutions with the power of imagination. As humans, we are given a boon of imagination and memory; how well we manage them is what defines our lives.

Why Manage Imagination & Memory2021-07-19T02:46:47+00:00

Whom did Arjuna follow in Mahabharata?

We all know the famous stories of The Mahabharata. We understand who Arjuna was and his purpose (udeshya) & actions (karma) in The Mahabharata. We have been instilled now, and then the Mahabharata hero was Arjuna as he was the most invincible character of the epic. Intelligent, Focused, Skilled, Favorite of Teacher,

Whom did Arjuna follow in Mahabharata?2021-03-10T07:03:21+00:00

Indian Business Dynamics

The irony of the Indian business scenario is that we want to do business with international standard processes and systems, yet we have resources that are Indian at heart. Be human resources or people providing resources (electricity, machines, tools & other complementary services). Eventually, all our business drivers are human-driven. Hence, I

Indian Business Dynamics2021-01-07T18:12:36+00:00

Challenges of SMEs & MSMEs

There are many expectations from the business owners. Are the business owners well equipped to manage all the expectations with the best practical methods? In every economy, running a business needs ease of processes, procedures and compliances. When multiple layers of formalities are in the system, it requires an expert to manage

Challenges of SMEs & MSMEs2020-12-16T03:15:43+00:00

ESIC Threshold to Increase

Last year in Jun 2019 government declared a reduction in contribution rate for ESIC. The revision of contribution rates to 4% from 6.5%. This step was much appreciated. It gave relief to employers for their contribution and also increase in hand salary of employees. Both parties were in a win situation. This

ESIC Threshold to Increase2020-09-09T18:04:09+00:00

The Irony of Life – COVID19

Finally, a thorough break came. A pause we all were able to take and look where are we going. Many are considering the year 2020 an unfortunate year. Or, is it a year we all got a chance to understand life better. I say the year 2020 is the year offering us

The Irony of Life – COVID192020-07-30T05:02:54+00:00

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