The irony of the Indian business scenario is that we want to do business with international standard processes and systems, yet we have resources that are Indian at heart. Be human resources or people providing resources (electricity, machines, tools & other complementary services). Eventually, all our business drivers are human-driven. Hence, I can say that our businesses are run by human resources who are native Indian and want to have international systems & processes. This difference of origin brings up multiple issues that Indian enterprises are facing today. Business & Entrepreneurs wish to diversify and expand their possibilities, for which opportunities are also available, and Indian can grab them. But the hurdle comes in the execution of these assignments. For execution and effective execution, Indian businesses start adopting systems & processes that are proven successful. In most cases, these are technological and mechanical, which involves the least human interaction to avoid any human error.

At the time of the Kurukshetra war, Arjun was in a great dilemma. He had his family on one side and another side, he with his dear and loved ones. The thought only gave him the pain to fight against his family. At that time, Krishna guided him that his fight was not with family; it is with people who have lost their rightfulness path. Hence, he should keep his emotions & bias aside and focus on fighting rightfully. Arjuna had asked then, but what is rightful? Something right for me might be wrong for Duryodhana and vice-e-versa. Krishna then had answered; when you follow the path that does not hurt your soul, even when it is hurting your outer body, you can consider yourself to be on the rightful way.

In Indian businesses, we are getting so focused on the outcome that we miss the proper execution. We get so attracted by the opportunity to achieve more and more that we neglect to set our ducks in a row. And when the mother duck does not set the course right for the ducklings, they will go in all directions. In working environments, we want people to execute their work without setting expectations. Companies do not have methods to register KRA & KPIs, and they want their employees to be rewarded based on their performance. The employee is clueless about what went wrong that he did not get the desired increment. For the employees they have done whatever was asked for and in best of their capacity. The Indian way of thinking to be a jack of all, and we miss the concept of master of one.

When you do root cause analysis, you realise it is the lack of involvement of the management. Indian business has adopted the delegation method but has not developed professionalism to be diligent of their responsibilities. Entrepreneurs want employee-friendly companies, but do not wish to have transparent policies. As transparency makes them commit their employees, employees feel it is their right to enjoy what is written in the policy, irrespective of how much diligent they have been in executing their duties. We want to call for feminism rights, but we do not wish to fulfil a citizen’s obligations.

It is significant that when we are designing processes and system, the foundation has to be the organisation demographic and history. It is unreasonable to expect that what works in western parts of the globe will work in the world’s central region, where we have diversified culture, languages and beliefs. The dynamism of your business depend on how well you manage these factors, which are significant influence on an individual thought process. When the heart is of a human and wants it to think like a robot, it does not work like that. Before you take up your next project/assignment, organise your internal organisation and analyse weak links and strong points. Human resources are significant for your growth and to get the right person for the right job requires investment in them and not just instructions.

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