Finally, a thorough break came. A pause we all were able to take and look where are we going. Many are considering the year 2020 an unfortunate year. Or, is it a year we all got a chance to understand life better. I say the year 2020 is the year offering us the finest of irony examples we all experience and lived through. Why do I say so? Let me tell you…

We all have been talking about virtual addiction and all of sudden this virtual platform became the best solution. We wanted kids to go out and play in open grounds and now we want them locked in homes. We did not have the bandwidth to utilize leave balances, and then we availed leaves without utilizing the balances. We wanted to take a break from work but now the break had become unbearable. We want to go on vacations with family and now we wanted to go out of the house. Children busy in virtual schooling and parents free & awaiting completion of school hours.

Things which we always had wished for came true; businessmen on vacation without stress, employees on leaves without insecurities, children with their parents’ undistributed attention, mothers with their kids without any timetable, families together 24×7, old parents happy to see family home 24×7, wife wanting husband to be home without work calls, wife wanted husbands to do house chores, housewife want to give realization how much it takes to run a house and many more similar ones. It is like the law of attraction of all humans worked and resulted in lockdown. We as NLP practitioners say that you should use your law of attraction ecologically. That is a wish with complete narration, half narrations result in disasters. We all had wished something from the above, which came true but at a high price.

On the other side, there are people who lost their loved ones were not even able to bid adieu. Family and loved ones want to meet the patients and were locked in homes. People had no work but were not able to go home. Mother wanted to feed the child but can’t find food. Daily wager wanted to work but was not hired. Poor was fine to lose their life to earn a living.

There are many stories some sad some happy. So is life, it will bring sadness if you experienced happiness and vice-versa. I want to be optimistic looking back to the lockdown and want to focus on the learning’s, the time, the new relationships, the new ways, the new avenues and my new to-do list. What is that you have to remember and look back on? What is that one solid memory that comes to you when you think of lockdown times? Share with me…

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