Today, there are many online webinar happening and many of us are trying to grab as much knowledge as we can. On average I am receiving ten invites for a daily webinar sessions in different parts of globe with different subjects. Earlier days of lock-down I found it interesting to utilize my time more effectively. Over period of time I had to prioritize which one to attend and which one to ignore. This gave a thought that today content is available at finger tips, what is missing is who should attend and what value will it add to a profile.

With COVID19 one of the positive aspect is we are getting more and more friendly with the virtual platforms. Be these platforms for learning or working or interacting or playing. All generations have started using these platforms as part of their life. Zoom, Web-ex, Meet and so are used not only to conduct meetings but families have creatively used it for playing tambola or other similar nature activities.

But is this the way forward and what are the drawbacks of this kind of lifestyle change. We all in the beginning and even today find of the positive thing about COVID19 is the time we are able to spend with our loved ones. But with these platforms other than connecting to the people outside are we again distancing from our in-house people? To some extent yes. Why we are finding this need of virtual platform; is to interact with outside world as we are not able to physically reach them. At the same time when we start spending too much time with these outside world people we are again ignoring people inside our houses.

Eventually again getting involved in either for delivering or attending these webinars or virtual calls with the outside world. Are we again missing our time to spend with family or people in the house? So friends in any given situation what we have to keep doing is managing our actions and activities. Be it through time management, prioritization, delegation or organising your thoughts. These basic skills will not go out of date even in post COVID19 era.

Hence, to know what skills we will need to sharpen on, what skills we will need to trash off and what skills we will need to develop in the post COVID19 world. I will be coming again with that information shortly. Follow us on our social media post to get the latest updates on personal development and business development tips to reboot more effectively post COVID19.

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