Life brings new challenges, and we the humans can overcome all of them. In the same way, we are coming out of the COVID19 conditions and are standing tall to find ways to manage this challenge. We have still mountains to cross before we say that the challenge is about to get over. And we need to work together to overcome this.

Human brains have the skill to imagine, and it has all the answers, it is a matter of time it is realised, and the solution is available. Every place has a unique struggle. Organisations are struggling to put their income back on track for managing their business and workforce. Individuals are working to address their house and family needs. Many have lost their jobs, and many have shut their businesses. These testing times have made each one to learn and manage in possible fewer resources, which is a good lesson at the same time a challenge for each one. These conditions are also creating much of stress to each person, be it a housewife or a CEO. In the end, we all in a way are managing resources be it tangible or intangible.

Let us list a few struggles that have surfaced during COVID19:

1) Income management, be it business or individual all are struggling to earn well. The company wants to rebuild their profits, and individual wants to refill their savings.

2) Resource management, everyone is trying to optimise the utilisation of resources to consume fewer resources with extended time. The companies want employees to work in multiple roles to reduce workforce cost, and individuals want to multiply their efforts to recover the time they have lost due to lockdown.

3) New Normal lifestyle, everyone is struggling with new ways. Be it kids virtual schooling or work from home. The new normal is impacting everyone at mental level with unknown stress of changing methods & routines. In turn, disturbing relationships and social life.

4) Health & Fear Management, there is a constant fear of getting infected by an unknown source of the virus entering one’s life and further isolating the very social species on earth. The paranoia of infection to self and family members, putting health and life at stake.

We at Skynotch have a solution for each of your problem. We are specialised in building organisational culture and systems helping organisations to communicate more transparently, leading to employees being more satisfied and productive, contributing to the profits of the organisation. If you are an individual, we can help you with coaching & mentoring on career, skill enhancement, mental strengthening, relationship coaching, leadership coaching or implementation of success coaching strategies.

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